Ferris, The Guardian

Here is a preview of my latest work, Enjoy.

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The scent. The scent was foreign and did not belong here.

Ferris ran stealthily through the trees, keeping to the shadows, working around the perimeter of the estate. Trying to get behind the intruder. He could smell them. They were there. Three of them. Armed, of course. And…


Good. They should be.

It didn’t take him long to get in behind them. He had been built for speed. Speed, and stealth, and killing. He missed a step with that last thought. He knew the truth of it. It didn’t mean it set easily on his mind.

Ferris was the defender of the Magnus estate. The defender of the Magnus family. These three had breached the perimeter uninvited, and that meant they were only here for one thing. To hurt, or kidnap, or murder. Ferris had seen it many times before. For all of their wealth and contributions to humanity, the Magnus family was hated by many. There had been several times over the years that he had been in their employ that Ferris had seen people try to bring harm to Blake Magnus or his wife Belliana, or even their daughter Dianna. And each of those times, it had been Ferris who defended, Ferris who protected.

Ferris, who killed.

He came up behind the three intruders now, soundlessly, with no warning. He was on the first one before they had any idea that he was even there. With a soft whumph the man went down with Ferris’ teeth sunk deeply into his neck, rending and tearing.

The wolf must feed.

The man died where he lay. The hand-held barrage cannon he had been carrying went skidding across the freshly mown estate lawn. There was only one thing a gun like that was used for. These men were not here to be friendly.

Neither was Ferris.

The other two turned now, fear rank in the air as they realized what was happening. Ferris’ acute smell noticed it. His wolf’s eyes scanned them quickly and noticed the black outfits, the gloves, the masks, and also took note of the several different weapons they carried. Pistols at their hips. Knives through their belts. And both of them aimed a heavy machine rifle at him.

He pounced to the right, his powerful hind legs carrying him farther in one leap than any human could have managed. Gunfire littered the path behind him, silencers fitted to the rifles ensuring that there was no noise to alarm anyone. It was just Ferris, and the two men.

With a second leap and a forceful swipe from his over sized claws another of the men went down. Now it was just Ferris and the one man.

His front claws were an odd mix of human hands and a wolf’s paws, long fingers ending in retractable, hooked nails. They were covered in light gray fur like the rest of him, shorter than the thick tufts that covered his abdomen and chest and head. And now, that gray fur was smeared with the blood of dead men.

The last intruder stood shaking, pointing his rifle at Ferris defensively, not daring to shoot, not daring to move. He looked left and right as if trying to find some way to escape.

“There is no way out, little man,” Ferris growled at him. His voice was rough and deep and he knew it inspired as much fear as the sight of a werewolf did for this man. Not that it mattered. The would-be intruder was about to die.

He lunged, grabbing the weapon and twisting it out of the man’s hands easily and throwing it away with a noisy clatter. Raising one muscular arm up high over his head he flashed his claws and growled as he prepared to rend this man’s heart from his chest.

“Ferris, no!”

The sound of Dianna’s voice calling his name made him hesitate, his ears going flat against the sides of his head as his roar died to a mewl in his throat. She stood there, not far away, in her nightgown and bare feet. The trace lighting around the pathways left her in deep shadow, but his wolf’s eyes picked out her delicate heart-shaped face, her deep blue eyes, her blonde hair that was almost red in the daylight. But her usual happy expression was replaced now with a grimace of displeasure. And her scent was…different, too. Anger, mixed with fear.

She was afraid of him. Of what he was about to do.

Ferris closed his eyes and took a deep, shuddering breath. His rage screamed and squirmed within him like a living thing. It wanted out, wanted the release he could give his animal side in the brutal deaths of these evil men. He pushed it down, contained it, bottled it up again.

But not before he smashed a backhand blow across the last trespasser’s face. The man crumpled to the ground.

Dianna put her hands over her face, trying to block the image of what she had just seen. “Is he…?”

“No,” he growled, cursing and spitting and baring long, sharp teeth. “He’s alive.”

Ferris danced from foot to foot, forcing himself to stay back from the men where they lay, desperately wanting to tear into them, the dead and the living alike. He kept himself under control, for Dianna. Slowly, his blood came down from the boiling heat of animal lust and the cool logic of his human side began to take over. His massive body, corded and muscled, began to shrink back down, flesh compressing, skin tightening, bones molding and reknitting into his other half, his human half.

His tail shrank back into his spine. His fur retracted back, disappearing like it had never been. The pain of it was immense. The way it ripped his mind in two no less terrible. It put him to his knees, one hand braced against the ground as it flexed and shrank from its werewolf form to his human self.

He knelt there, for a moment, reclaiming himself and ordering his thoughts. Then slowly he stood, naked, every inch of him exposed before Dianna. He caught how her eyes flicked down over his body when she thought he wouldn’t be able to see. The wolf was so much a part of him now that even in his human form he still retained some of the extra, genetically enhanced abilities like sharper sight. He’d been naked in front of her before, of course. Kind of a hazard of your life when you were a werewolf.

Dianna took a deep breath and turned away from him slightly. “I don’t like it when you do these things.”

“We’ve had this discussion before. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Your parents paid for me to be what I am for their protection. Yours too, incidentally. You see the guns these men are carrying, right?”

She looked down and the away again.

“They didn’t come here to invite you to a peaceful debate. They came here to kidnap and possibly even kill your parents. Do you think they would have hesitated to do the same to you?”

“I’m no threat to them.”

“You’re old enough now to be a target. Your work in the fields of genetics has its own chapter in those textbooks you use at your fancy school. If they didn’t kidnap you as leverage against your parents, they would kidnap you for who you are yourself.”

“I’m only eighteen,” she argued, without much conviction.

“Old enough.”

“You aren’t much older than I am,” she snapped at him.

Which was true. He was only twenty-two. He’d started his career as a professional bodyguard young. Younger than most, anyway. On a space station where jobs were scarce and good-paying jobs even harder to find, Ferris had set a path for himself that he knew would mean financial security. Or death. Either one worked for a loner with no family and few prospects.

“Old enough,” he repeated, going over to crouch down next to the man he had knocked unconscious. The blood on the guy’s face was thick, but his breathing was regular and his heartbeat, which Ferris could hear with his enhanced hearing, was still strong. He’d be fine.

Ferris reached out for the man.

“No!” Dianna said frantically. “Ferris, don’t.”

He looked up at her. “Even after all the time we’ve spent together, you still look at me like a monster.” He gave her a moment to say something. She had nothing to say. “I’m only carrying him inside. He’ll need medical attention and then I’ll have to interrogate him to find out which of the many factions on station sent him. Your father will want that information.”

“Yes,” she said, her lip twisted in a sneer. “So that he can set the authorities on every known member of whatever group it was and have them all banished back to Earth.”

“It’s the law, Dianna. Earth Station One stays safe because we don’t allow evil people to do evil things here.”

“Oh, yes. It’s all very idyllic and peaceful. And fake.”

“Shh,” he hissed. “If anyone hears you say that…” He shuddered involuntarily. He didn’t want anything to happen to her.

Dianna regarded him for a long moment. The faint light played off his abdominal muscles and the deeper shadows between his legs. His face was chiseled stone, perfect in every way. His hair was as gray as his wolf’s and she knew it was a side effect of the genetic slicing he had been put through.

He was gorgeous.

Turning away from him she strode toward the house, her hands fisted, more heat in her voice than she had meant to put there. “Fine. Bring him, then. I’ll wake the household.”

Ferris watched her go, her pale green nightgown stirring as she stalked off. Her scent was strange to him tonight. It was her usual scent, clean and strong and stubborn. But tonight it was also somehow more.



El Pirata De Vapor

Aqui esta lo ultimo que estoy trabajando.

Yo he sido un pirata desde que comenzó la Era del vapor. Eso no sucedió en un dia, pero alguien comenzó la tendencia de la manera victoriana y tecnologia de vapor nueva. Ahora teníamos un mundo en el que la tecnologia esta hecha con un toque victoriano, los relojes eran ahora la variedad de bolsillo con cadenas, pero cuando los abrió tenían una pantalla digital. Los hombres usaban sombreros de altos, chaquetas victoriana con largas colas, cinturones y chalecos de colores brillantes. Las mujeres llevaban el mismo, pero algunos llevaban vestidos con blusas que dejan poco a la imaginación.

La ley, como era conocida fue disuelta y la gente tenía que cuidar de sí mismos. No estoy orgulloso de lo que soy, pero me pongo una emoción vertiginosa de saqueo y conquista. Tengo una bastante colección y el pueblo viene a mí para todo, desde comida hasta ropa. Estamos en una nueva era de la máquina de vapor y ya no nos preocupamos por la contaminación del planeta con productos químicos innecesarios. Nuestro transporte es la de que el vapor y vehículos eléctricos. Ya no podemos aspirar a la tentacion del petróleo. Nosotros, no obstante todavía servir a las empresas eléctricas, pero afortunadamente soy el que gobierna esta parte del mundo. Esta es mi historia y la de una adolescente que me supero a mí en todo momento.

“Cedric, hay algo que tienes que escuchar”.

Salgo a ver a uno de mis guardias que estaban allí y saltando sobre las puntas de sus pies en la emoción. Yo lo miro para que me siguiera y nos vamos a mi oficina que está rodeado de relojes antiguos marcando en la pared.

Él se sienta y dice: “Me acabo de enterar de que hay un tipo sobre el río que ha inventado algo para aprovechar la energía del sol. Si eso es cierto, entonces él ya no tendrá que pagar por la electricidad “.

Reflexiono sobre esto un momento y al darmee cuenta de que mis días de saqueo pueden llegar a un fin. Es decir, a menos que pueda tomar ese invento lejos y hacerla parte de mi imperio. Si no puedo beneficiarse de ella, entonces yo lo destruiría.

Recojo unos cuantos hombres y nos vamos a la orilla de la vía acuática. Saco mis prismáticos con un ocular que puede ajustar para acercar la imagen que bajar dos o tres lentes y mirar hacia el agua. Puedo ver una casa victoriana y un tipo sentado en el borde de las aguas con un hombre que caminaba por el perímetro. También puedo ver salir a una chica de 13 años de edad, vestida con una chaqueta larga cola roja, con las viejas gafas de aviadores y una gorra en la cabeza. Ella tiene sus manos y ella finge que está volando en el aire. No hay aviones en el cielo más y ahora usamos globos para viajar a un lugar u otro. Todo lo que contamina el cielo ha sido destruida en favor de formas más limpias. Es la era de la electricidad y el vapor y yo no quiero que nadie arruinar eso por mí.

Me subo a un barco de paleta y vapor y empezamos a cruzar el río. Una vez allí, estoy seguro de que puedo luchar su invento fuera de sus manos y si no se va a morir tratando de defenderlo.

“Capitán, deberíamos estar allí en un momento. Los hombres tienen sus pistolas en ristre y vamos a luchar hasta la muerte para ti. “

Sé que mis hombres morirían por mí y si se trataba de eso, de seguro que sacrificar un poco para reunir ese nuevo invento. He enseñado a mis hombres para estar listo para cualquier cosa, pero nunca pensé que una chica podría ser un dolor de cabeza.

Miro el agua, cuando algo se estrella contra nuestro barco. Caen los tarros de la nave y empieza a guiñar en el aire, y está entrando agua. Cojo los prismáticos y el uso de las lentes para mirar hacia fuera y ver que la sobrina se me sonreía y sostenía algo en sus manos. Es una especie de tubo como el dispositivo y el humo está saliendo de la final de la misma.

La dispersión de los hombres en todas las direcciones, pero el agujero no puede ser conectado y tenemos que abandonar el barco. Nos metemos en un par de boyas y empezamos a remar de vuelta. Puedo ver un agujero del tamaño de una piedra pequeña y baja y he aquí que es exactamente lo que está incrustado en el casco de la nave. De alguna manera esta joven ha lanzado una piedra del tamaño de un balón medicinal a través del casco como si estuviera hecha de papel.

Tiempo Al Oeste

Esto es lo mas reciente que estoy haciendo para ustedes. ;p


Mi nombre es Eva y tengo 18 años.
Decir que el mundo terminó no estaría lejos de la verdad.
Usted ve la Tierra, como mis antepasados cual fue destruido con los rayos ultravioletas y la contaminación, el agotamiento de la capa de ozono.
En el 2122 la capa de ozono desaparece y la gente luchaba diariamente para cubrirse del sol.
El gobierno en su infinita sabiduría, envió una sonda a la galaxia para encontrar otra “Tierra” para llamar casa.
No estaban realmente esperando resultados, pero lo obtienen de todos modos.

Encontraron un planeta, pero no podia sostener la vida.
Eso es hasta que los científicos se le ocurrió una manera de terraformar el planeta con una bomba.
Enviaron el misil en órbita y esperaron varios años para enviar otra sonda.
Para entonces había aire respirable, los árboles habían empezado a florecer y un océano cubría la mitad de la superficie.
Enviaron una expedición y después de muchas pruebas, descubrieron que el océano tenía agua potable y que ahora podría empezar a enviar gente al planeta recién formado.

A través de los años, se trasladó a la población de manera constante a esta nueva “Tierra”, que fue llamada “segunda oportunidad”.
Una vez que la población llegó en 2150, el gobierno prohibió y destruyó el armamento convencional y los científicos también restringidos de la fabricación de vehículos, y nos fuimos de nuevo a los medios de transporte con motor a vapor y caballo.
No habría ninguna contaminación o las armas de destrucción masiva para destruir este mundo.
Usted puede imaginarse cómo la raza humana se unieron en torno a este anuncio, pero no todos estaban tan abiertos a esta nueva forma de vivir como el resto del planeta.

Fue entonces cuando las batallas se convirtió en la forma de vivir.
Por un lado están los “Die Hard ‘que querían la tecnología y la electricidad y luego estaba el” dominio “que creen en las decisiones de los gobiernos y luchar para mantener esta nueva forma de vida.
Con batallas en cada lado, un ejército se formó llamados Protectores y mantuvo la paz con porras y demostraciones de fuerza.

Años después nací yo. Fui criada por mi madre Gail, mi padre Henry fue asesinado en una de estas misiones de paz.Despuéss de su muerte mi madre me llevó a una parte despoblada de “segunda oportunidad”.
Ella trajo a su amigo Jim y ambos trabajaron duro durante la siembra y en el aumento de la vida silvestre local.
Caballos, vacas, y otros animales silvestre de la ‘Tierra’ fueron trasladados a este planeta y se dispersaron por toda la superficie.
A partir de ahí, la vida silvestre floreció y procrearon a hacer la fuente de alimento de todos nosotros.

Estoy aquí sentado mirando por la ventana de mi dormitorio en las dos lunas llenas en el cielo.
Mi mamá me dijo que la ‘Tierra’ sólo tenía una luna, para mi una luna es algo raro.
He tomado una ruta diferente, ese es no tomar cualquier lado en la lucha en ‘segunda oportunidad’.
Me encanta esta forma de vida, donde trabajó en la granja, caminar hasta el lago de y crecer nuestros propios vegetales aquí mismo en nuestro propio patio.
Sin embargo, también me gusta la tecnología y ahí es donde mi mamá y yo diferimos.
Ella no quiere tener nada que ver con la tecnología y si alguna vez se entera de que estaba jugando con esta forma prohibida, ella se pondrá furioso.

Yo había abierto mi propio laboratorio en una estructura que construí en el último rincón de la finca.
Fue bajo tierra, escondido en un laberinto de cuevas, así que sabía que nadie lo encontraría.
Me había inventado un par de cosas que se consideran contra la ley.
He encontrado una manera de utilizar el poder del sol y los rayos de agua para hacer mis invenciones.
Yo había hecho una máquina voladora, pero sólo lo había probado solo una vez.
Funcionaba con vapor, pero también con electricidad.
También encontré una piedra que conduce y mantiene las corrientes eléctricas.
Yo también había hecho un reloj crudo, pero funcionó 10 minutos muy rápido.

Recientemente, ha comenzado a utilizar el sol, las rocas indígenas y los rayos para poder llegar a ver otras zonas del planeta.
Yo estaba tratando de ver a lo lejos, al otro lado del planeta, utilizando el sol, rayos, una vieja computadora y el satélite en el cielo.
El gobierno lo puso en su lugar para mantener un ojo sobre nosotros, la “gente pequeña”.

“Eva, ¿vienes a cenar?”

“Ya voy mamá.
Estaré allí en un segundo. “

Estábamos cenando cuando llamaron a la puerta.
Afuera había un pelotón de Protectores demandando dinero de impuestos para alimentar las batallas.
Mi madre discutió con ellos sobre el precio y se llevaron a lo que ella les dio.
Los vi subirse a sus caballos, pero no antes de arrebatar a dos de nuestros pollos y un ternero pequeño.
Jim salió corriendo tras ellos, pero ellos ya estaban cabalgando sobre la arena y en el bosque.

Jim volvió y dijo: “Cada vez que vienen terminamos pagando aún más que la última vez.
En poco tiempo, no vamos a tener nada que darles y lo que ellos quieren son las mujeres, nuestros hijos e hijas? “

Yo sabía lo que hablaba, porque había oído rumores de la gente del pueblo que el gobierno había dirigido su atención a los adolescentes para convertirlos en soldados.
Las usaban como vanguardia y fueron sacrificados en el nombre de la causa.

Ahora, la noche llegó y yo estaba escribiendo notas dentro de mi “laboratorio”.
“He encontrado algo interesante en la habitación de Jim hoy.
Tenía un aparato viejo con palabras escritas en frente que decía, radio, escondido debajo de su cama.
De hecho, él tenía varios radios viejos, relojes, e incluso algo que se llama un “tostador”.
Tomé una de esas viejas radios y estoy usando las piezas para trabajar en mis creaciones.
Si la tormenta que parecía venir tiene una fuente de energía eléctrica, yo podría ser capaz de probar el dispositivo y ver y hablar con alguien por ahí “.

El dispositivo fue rápidamente preparado, y deslicé las antenas a través de la ranura en el techo de la cueva y hacia el cielo nocturno.
Relámpagos cayeron iluminando el cielo, pero había algo diferente en este rayo.
No fueron normales de color rojo y naranja, eran más azul y blanco y parecía más fuerte.
Vi el pararrayos ser golpeado varias veces y su viaje bajo la barra de carga y en las rocas, que transfieren a la computadora portátil.

Los diales empezaron a crujir con la electricidad y la imagen comenzó a formarse de un tipo sentado en una tienda de campaña, la figura parecía triste y cansado como él se aferraba a uno de los postes de la tienda.

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The Dying Breed’s Soul

The Soulstealer
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Mail From The Dead

Preview of my latest works.

Lucille Plumsweet lived in house number 42 at the end of West Bluecandle lane, which should not be confused with East Bluecandle because Drusilla Littlesweet lived in house number 42 at the end of East Bluecandle lane. Lucille, also known as the purple girl, had recently inherited the house from her late grandmother, also known as the purple grandmother. The house was painted a light lavender and had shutters that were painted dark mauve. All of the windows were trimmed with purple flower boxes containing seasonal purple flowers. Drusilla, on the other hand, was a splashy girl that preferred the color orange. She had grown up in her house, but when her parents moved down South, she painted the whole house a creamy pumpkin color. Lucille thought that it was awfully tacky.

Once upon a time, Lucille and Drusilla had been best friends before Drusilla stole Lucille’s boyfriend: Dirk Pendragon IV. Dirk was a dashing young man with dark curly hair and piercing green eyes. It was rumored that his great grandfather, the man who founded their town, was also a pirate. Dirk liked to encourage this rumor because it made him appear tough and interesting. Lucille had been in love with him since she was in kindergarten. But as luck would have it, or their crazy residences would have it, Dirk showed up at East Bluecandle lane at Drusilla’s tacky pumpkin colored house instead. Dirk took Drusilla out a couple of times before he skipped town. No one knows where he went, but Lucille blames Drusilla for running him off. And that was the end their friendship.

However, as it always happened, Lucille received mail for Drusilla at her house. Lucille wished that mail to here would be addressed to the purple house and Drusilla’s mail should be addressed to the tacky Halloween house. However, the mailmen did not agree. So they kept sending things to Lucille that were meant for Drusilla. Normally Lucille would take pen with her to the mailbox with a pen and immediately changed the West to an East, but today she forgot the pen when she went to get the mail so she had to bring the mail back into her house.

“Oh Mr. Yow,” Lucille said to her cat. “What kind of mail did Drusilla get this morning?” She sorted the mail into two piles: one for Drusilla and one for her.

She started to readdress the ones to Drusilla, but this morning she was feeling rather mischievous.

She stopped readdressing and started opening it instead. This morning Drusilla had quite a bit of mail that was mistakenly delivered to her. She was about halfway through Drusilla’s mail when she came across an interesting piece of mail. It said that it was from Dirk Pendragon.

“Oh my Dirk,” she thought to herself. “This might be my turn to take Dirk back form Drusilla.”

She eagerly opened the envelope and tore into the letter. She hoped that Dirk was returning to his hometown.

Dearest Madame,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dirk Pendragon.

Lucille put the letter down. “Why on this good green Earth would Dirk introduce himself to Drusilla?” she asked Mr. Yow. “They dated for a couple of weeks.” Lucille just shook her head and continued reading the letter.

My name is Dirk Pendragon, Captain of the Scaly Shell. Or rather, I am the former captain as I have been long, long dead. Long ago I founded this town that you now live in after I retired from pirating. I had lots of money and free time to spend, you see. I wasted a lot of my later years and eventually lost a valued family heirloom in a rigged poker match.

I have been trying to contact my living family for years, but to no avail. For some reason, they never seem to get my letters. I hope that you not only receive the letter, but also respond to them. I am in need of your help. Desperately. Please find my grandson Dirk IV and let him now that he must recover the family heirloom. It is the key to our family’s greatness.

Forever in your Debt,

Captain Pendragon

Lucille put the letter down and scratched her head. That was the strangest letter that she had ever read. Was Drusilla playing a trick on her? Lucille got up from her chair at the kitchen table and went to the window. She peeked through her lacy, purple curtains at the street. Perhaps Drusilla was sitting in her purple butterfly bushes laughing at her. She looked closely at her bushed and down the street, but no one watching her house except for Bowser, the dog that lived at 43 Bluecandle lane.

Lucille went back to the table and reread the letter. She thought that maybe it would make more sense to her if she read it again. But, alas, it made no sense the second time around. So Lucille went about the rest of her day until it dawned on her what the letter was about.

“Ha, Mr. Yow,” she said. “This is a practical joke that Dirk is playing on Drusilla.”

She felt much better about herself and went to bed in her purple room all tucked in under her purple quilt with a sense of satisfaction that Drusilla was finally getting what she deserved.

It wasn’t until the next day when Lucille again went to the mailbox that she began to worry again that a joke was being played on her instead. In her mailbox again today was another letter from Captain Dirk Pendragon. Lucille left her mail in the mailbox and ran into her house with the letter from the captain. She ripped it open most impolitely.

Dearest Madame,

I implore you again. Please, please, please find my great grandson. I believe that you are my last hope. Without the heirloom my family is doomed to obscurity and without you my name is doomed to die without an heir.

My life, even though long past, is in your hands,

Captain Pendragon

Lucille giggled. Whatever was going on was funny. She couldn’t deny that. Whether it was Dirk playing a trick on Drusilla or someone else, this was turning out to be great fun. Too bad that Drusilla would never get these letters. For some reason, that made the practical joke even funnier.

She, Lucille Plumsweet, was getting the last laugh.

Lucille waited by the window the next day for the mail to come. Lucille had never been so excited in all her life to get the mail. Even on her birthday, when she would get cards from her friends and family, the mail did not get paid this much attention. Lucille saw the postman delivering the mail down the street. He crept at the speed of a snail down the road, stopping at every house to give it mail. It was like a daily routine to placate the house on the cul-de-sac.

Finally the mailman was at her neighbor’s house 40 Bluecandle lane where the old man who only wore plaid lived. Lucille realized that many old men liked plaid shirts, but Mr. Dover wore plaid pants, shoes, socks and coats. She even imagined that he wore plaid underwear, even though she would never know for sure. Before the mailman had even gotten the mail into the plaid mailbox, Lucille bounded out of her house and toward her purple mailbox. She impatiently waited for the mailman to drive his little car up to her house. Her foot tapped on the ground as the mailman had to put another round of mail into Mr. Dover’s mailbox.

“Old people get way to much mail,” Lucille said to her and huffed.

Finally the mailman drove up to her driveway. “Expecting something big today Purple Girl?” he asked handing her the small parcel of envelopes.

“Yes, sir,” Lucille said and ran back into the house. There on the top of the stack was another letter from Captain Pendragon. Lucille sat down in her purple arm chair and opened the letter. She brewed a fresh pot of coffee in anticipation just before the mail was scheduled to arrive and had a steaming cup of coffee waiting for her while she read her letter.

I know you can read my letters. Why aren’t you doing as I ask?

Lucille was upset that the letter wasn’t any longer. She enjoyed reading the letters. She looked at the envelope for the address. All it said in the return address was Captain Dirk Pendragon. Maybe the postman was in on the joke and she could just put a letter addressed to the Captain in her mailbox and it would be delivered to whoever was sending them.


The Dragon Soul

More for you to enjoy. Preview of what I am currently working on.

In the forests of Califeran, the trees grew stunted and thick and the branches twined so closely together that they blocked the sun. There were areas of open ground where nothing grew but brown grass and creeping vines. Silently, he hunkered down in the tree line now around just such a spot, searching.

“It had to be here.”

Pierce Hawken had tracked the dragon here. Tracked it for days, from one ruined village to another. He was one of the very last dragon slayers in the Kingdom. For ten years he had hunted and exterminated the beasts. And now, nearing the age of thirty, he could honestly say he’d never seen anything like this creature.

He had caught a glimpse of it, in the last village it had burned to the ground. It was sleek and black, with powerful forearms and wings that sported hooked claws at the pinions. Its narrow face was covered in thick bony ridges and horns with serrated edges. In short, it was nasty and mean and enjoyed killing.

So did Pierce.

The tracks had led him here. But something wasn’t right. He had learned to trust his instincts, and his instincts told him to wait. He crouched down behind the twisted bole of an old hoary tree, settled himself, raised his sword across his chest, and waited.

There was no wind where he was. The wind didn’t come to Califeran. The world didn’t breathe here. But something was. He could hear it. Heavy, thick breathing.

“I hear you too, little slayer,” came the dragon’s voice from somewhere in the shadows around him. “Come to die?”

Pierce still couldn’t see the dragon. But there was no reason to hide anymore.

“I’m not here to die, dragon. But I am here for you.”

He heard the beast snort, saw movement in the shadows. “You’re here for me? Then come get me.”

“I’m good where I am for now, thank you.” Movement again, on his right. The thing was circling the clearing, using the trees for cover. Pierce knew what would happen to him if the dragon got much closer.

His long forest cloak was soaked in a fire retardant. Necessary in his line of work. But beneath the coat, on his person, he carried a variety of specialized weapons. Hanging from the belt across his chest were three round metal spheres that were made for him by a blacksmith in Tunerisa. Taking one of them off now he pulled a holding pin out from the top and lobbed it across the clearing at the moving shadows.

The blacksmith called them grenades. Pierce thought of them as little containers of thunder itself.

The grenade bounced a few times then disappeared into the trees. Two seconds later it exploded. Flames erupted in a deafening roar, tearing up chunks of earth and shattering trees to splinters. Pierce raised his arms up over his face to protect himself from the flying debris just as the dragon bellowed in surprise and leaped into the air, tangling in the branches overhead and scrabbling out into the clearing.

“You’re mine now,” Pierce whispered. And drew the sword.

In all of his travels he had found only one sword like this. Long, sleek, engraved with runes for protection and strength and victory and others he couldn’t identify. The blue steel of the blade had been folded more than two hundred times. The crossbar of the hilt was designed in the shape of dueling dragons. It was meant for slaying.

This was the first time he had used the blade. He had only recently purchased it, in a backwater market town of all places. But it felt right in his hand. He knew it was meant for greatness.

As the dragon clawed at the dirt and tried to untangle its tail from its legs Pierce jumped in under its reach and thrust the sword upward into the softer skin of the underbelly. The blade bit true, digging deep into the dragon. The beast screeched, raising its head to the heavens to give voice to its anger.

And then it swatted him away like an insect.

For just a moment, the sword felt hot in his hands. It thrummed with a power that radiated up his arm and made his blood rush.

He blinked and the feeling was gone.

The dragon was on him. Teeth bared wide and snapping it struck at Pierce over and over, forcing him to roll out of the way or be caught by the gnashing fangs. He brought the sword up as his only protection. It caught the dragon in its mouth, slicing into the sensitive palate.

The heat and power were there again in his hand and he thrust upward, just as the dragon reared back away from him.

“Slayer!” The dragon snarled and spit, spraying blood everywhere from Pierce’s cut. “Die this day. Die!”

“You first,” Pierce told the beast. He ran forward, sword raised high.

The dragon spit its fire.

Pierce lunged sideways, feeling the heat of the flames singe his boots and legs. Reflexively, he threw the sword in a sweeping curve.

It connected at the base of the dragon’s throat, where the scales of its chest wall were a paler dark. Right over its heart.

As the sword went in, the dragon just stopped. Its whole body went still. The eyes slowly glazed over. Blood poured from the point the blade had struck.

Pierce got back to his feet, settling his clothes around him. He took his time walking over to the dragon. It still hadn’t moved as he took ahold of his sword again.

The power that he suddenly felt was intense and overwhelming. The world disappeared behind a bright, burning light. Heat settled into his body. He burned.

And it felt good.

The dragon slumped to the ground, dead where it lay. Somehow Pierce found himself sitting, the sword laying across his knees, staring into the eyes of the beast.

He could see his reflection there in the black, cold eyes.

The dragon’s body was too big to bring in as a trophy. Reluctantly, Pierce had to leave it there in the field, deep inside the forests of Califeran. In actuality, it was fine with him. He already had enough trophies to last him the rest of his life as it was now. He didn’t need one more.

He was still miles from civilization. It would take him two days to hike to the nearest township, Hartsford, to let them know the dragon was dead. There weren’t many of these beasts left anymore. In a few years, less maybe, there’d be no more left. What he’d do with his life then, he had no idea.

But for now the only worry he had was finding a night’s rest. The fight with the dragon, after tracking the beast for days, had taken a lot out of him. Night had come to the land, and it was time to sleep.

He found a copse of trees that he could nestle himself in as adequate cover, laid his head down on his arm, and in just a few minutes he was asleep.

The dream came almost immediately. He was flying, soaring through wispy clouds on a bright summer’s day, the wind caressing his long body and his powerful wings propelling him onward. There was no destination. There was only flight. The beauty and the freedom of flying.

He soared out over open water. Fish leapt below him and birds scattered at his approach. In the waves he could see his reflection, his dark dragon’s body distorted, but still beautiful…

He awoke all at once, sucking in a long gasp of air. “What was that?” The dream had been so vivid, so real. Like he’d been living it. Like that dragon had been him.

He yawned and stretched and tried to forget about it. The night was over and the sun was up and it was time to put dreams away and start out again for Hartsford. He ran his hands through his thick blonde hair and tried to get his bearings.

The sight of his wrists stopped him still.

There were scales growing out of his skin. Black, sleek scales.

He stood up in a panic, pushing his sleeves up. The scales spread from his wrists up to his elbows. He picked at some of them with his fingernails. They were definitely real. And definitely a part of him.

His hands shook. What was going on?

Hunter’s Werewolf

Here is my latest preview.

I’ve been hunting all of my life, but never have I ever seen anything like that mauling, monstrous beast that attacked me. Right now it’s bear season so you might be thinking that what I saw was a bear. You may have been right in your thinking except that this beast had a tail. Yes, it was as large as a bear, but had a tail like a wolf.

I know what you may be thinking, he’s had a little bit too much to drink, but I swear on my wife Lorelynn’s grave, that I am not a drinking man. Especially not when I have a gun on my person. Alcohol and guns don’t mix. My grandpappy taught me that when I was young.

But that’s a tangent. The point is that some beast as a big as a bear with glowing eyes and bushy tail done bit me on the arm. It’s not a real bad bite, but a bite nonetheless. I got off a couple of shots into it before it ran away. I would have attempted to track it myself, but being wounded, I decided to stay back and call for help.

I don’t know quite how to tell Joe what I’ve seen. He’s not a believing man like me. He’s says all that stuff about werewolves and yeti aren’t anything more than campfire stories told to scare boy scouts into staying with the group. I, on the other hand, had been raised right. And now I have proof.

I had been sitting in my hunting blind for quite some time. I think that I had started to doze off from lack of action. The little creatures were a little quiet tonight, which, in hindsight, I should have seen as a bad sign. When I was younger I never had an issue staying awake to keep watch on the prey, but since I have been getting older I find it harder and harder to keep my eyes open. The night was bright because of the full moon, which I should have also seen as an ill omen, so I could see anything coming my way well. It was in my half awake stage that I first heard the howl. And then I saw it. The light of the full moon lit up behind it. Its fangs were huge and it stood about as tall as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It had drool dripping from its fangs and I know that it knew I was sitting in the blind. I just knew it by the way that he was staring in my direction. I froze in fear for a mere second, but that was how long it took to get to me in my safe place. He tore through my shelter like it was made out of cloud dust. Luckily, even though my bones are old and a little stiff, I am still quick on my feet and was able to get my gun aimed in its direction, but it still got me. I can’t believe that it got me.

The bite hurts like hell. I just know that I will turn into a werewolf myself. Does it take a full month for the infection to settle in or will I turn tonight. Oh, good, I shouldn’t have called Joe. I was just in a hurry and I wasn’t thinking when I called him. Oh those newfangled cell phones. They always get me in trouble. I think that it would be better if I would just die out here alone, instead of infecting anyone else.

I heard a rustle in the woods. Had the beast found me again? I readied my gun and kept as still as I can in my ramshackle hunting blind.

“Jonathon? Jonathon?” Joe called out to me.

“Over here,” I said without thinking. What was that about me thinking that I should just die out here alone? What if I turn tonight and attack my oldest and dearest friend? Me and my big mouth.

“Jonathon,” Joe called out again and I saw his big frame appear through the trees. He had always been a husky one. I was the skinny one. He could eat a carrot and gain a pound, so it didn’t help that he liked to eat his carrots on cake topped with cream cheese frosting. I on the other hand could always eat like no tomorrow and be as skinny as a rail. Of course there was that time when Lorelynn was pregnant that I gained a couple pounds. My body must have thought it was pregnant too.

“Jonathon,” he said seeing me lying on the ground. “What on Earth happened to you? I could barely understand anything that you were saying on the phone. Between you being all hysterical about some beast and the bad reception in the area, I couldn’t make out anything. I called Tim and he said he’s sending some boys over too.”


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The Golden Demon

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The wyrm is mighty and terrifying, with rows of shields on its back, tightly sealed together. His eyes are like rays of dawn. His chest is as hard as rock. His snorting throws out flashes of light. White firebrands stream from his mouth, sparks of white fire burst out. The swords of giants have no effect and arrows do not make him flee,when he rises up the mighty are terrified. No dart or javelin penetrates him. Iron he treats like straw, he looks down on kings like he was king of those who are proud.”

That is the opponent King Andrin, of Nethermore faces. He is forced to take the fight to the dragon’s very lair and find the truth of Torimiris in their quest. Now, there is one final battle and it’s not going to be easy.

Reading Time: 19 mins.


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